Be Patent Pending Today

Patent PendingDo you have a new product idea that you want to be Patent Pending before you discuss it with others?

Are you at the initial stages of your idea or invention and need to protect it without spending a lot of money on it yet?

The Provisional Patent Kit is your answer.

Click here to check out the Provisional Patent Kit.

I developed this kit to provide a complete solution for a DIY provisional patent application (or PPA). A provisional patent application can give you the following benefits:

  • Provides proof of your invention as of the filing date in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Lets you say “Patent Pending”
  • Gives you the peace of mind needed to talk to others about your invention, audition for Shark Tank or whatever you want to do with your idea

Patent Pending – What does it mean?

Put simply, it means you have a pending patent application for your invention on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The good news is that provisional patent applications qualify. Provisional patent applications are less costly than regular (non-provisional) patent applications and are something that you can do yourself.

What are some benefits of being Patent Pending?

  • Let’s others know that you have already filed a patent application, which will make anyone think twice before trying to steal your idea.
  • Establishes a priority date for your invention, which can be very important these days under the First Inventor to File laws.
  • Makes a good impression with potential investors or people you want to work with you on your idea.

How much does it cost to be Patent Pending?

Using the Provisional Patent Kit, you can get patent pending status for less than $100 for micro entity filers.

How long does it take to be Patent Pending?

In the Provisional Patent Kit, I show you how to file your provisional application (PPA) electronically. This means that you can file your application the same day your finish it and as soon as you complete the electronic filing, your idea or invention is Patent Pending.

Read more about The Provisional Patent Kit – and be Patent Pending today.

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