Our Services

Below is a representative list of some of our popular services. Don't see what you are looking for? Reach and and let us know and we'd be happy to see if we can help.


  • Patent Searches
  • Provisional Patent Applications (PPA)
  • Non-provisional Utility Patent Applications
  • Design Patent Applications
  • International (PCT) Patent Applications


  • Clearance Searches
  • Federal Trademark Applications
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Florida State Trademark Applications


  • Computer software copyright applications
  • User interface (UI/UX) copyright applications
  • Mobile App Copyright Applications
  • Written Works Copyright Applications
  • 2-D Visual Art Copyright Applications
  • 3-D Visual Art Copyright Applications
  • Architecture Copyright Applications
  • Musical Composition and Lyric Copyrights

Licensing, Counseling and Litigation Support 

  • Patent Infringement Analysis
  • Copyright Infringement Counseling
  • Trademark Infringement Analysis
  • IP Licensing Review
  • IP Inventory
  • Start-up IP Protection Plans