Patent your new ideaDo you have a new product idea or invention you want to protect?

We recommend a patent search as a first step to see whether similar ideas have been patented before. Order your patent search today to get the process started. Order Patent Search here.

If you need to get patent pending status fast, then a provisional patent application may be the right choice. Provisional patents can be an easy, fast and cheap solution for initial protection. We offer a full service provisional patent application service for clients that would like us to take care of all the details. For those that want a DIY solution, I created a DIY option to get Patent Pending status on your product in as little as one day and for around $100 total – check it out here.

When you are ready to move forward to get your invention patented, file a non-provisional patent application.

When choosing an attorney you need to look for legal experience, technical knowledge and a person you feel comfortable working with.  I have worked on hundreds of patent applications, I’m a degreed computer engineer with 10 years of engineering experience.  Most importantly though, I’ll take the time to get to know you and your goals for your invention, educate you about patent law and tailor my advice to your needs.  Read more about my experience and qualifications ->


trademark searches and applications

Want to protect your business, service or product name with a registered trademark?

We recommend a trademark clearance search as the first step in the trademark process. If the name or logo you want to trademark is available, we offer a flat fee trademark application service.



Copyright applications, dmca take down noticesProtect your creative work with a registered copyright.

A copyright attaches to most original works of authorship as soon as the work is “fixed in a tangible medium.”  However, having a registered copyright can give you certain advantages, especially if you need to stop infringement.

We offer a flat fee copyright application service.