Patent your new ideaDo you have a new product idea or invention you want to protect?

I can help you get patent pending status on your invention quickly. A patent application can give you peace of mind that no one can steal your invention. All consultations are strictly confidential and attorney-client privileged. Contact me today to get started.

When choosing an attorney you need to look for legal experience, technical knowledge and a person you feel comfortable working with.  I have worked on hundreds of patent applications, I’m a degreed computer engineer with 10 years of engineering experience.  Most importantly though, I’ll take the time to get to know you and your goals for your invention, educate you about patent law and tailor my advice to your needs.  Read more about my experience and qualifications ->


trademark searches and applications

Want to protect your business, service or product name with a registered trademark?

If you want to protect your brand, contact me today. We offer a flat fee trademark application service.



Copyright applications, dmca take down noticesProtect your creative work with a registered copyright.

Are you a writer, artist, musician or other creator and want to protect your work with a copyright? Contact us today. We offer a flat fee copyright application service.

Also, copyrights can be used to protect many business assets as well.