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Patent Attorney Steve Aycock has been helping protect mobile app ideas, new products, services, software, artwork, and brands for over 18 years.

No matter what your idea is or where you live, we can help. We proudly serve clients in all 50 states and other nations around the world.

It is important to protect your idea before revealing it to anyone else.

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Note From Steve: First, thank you for visiting our site! I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you considering Cygnet to help you.

Patent Attorney Steve Aycock

I founded Cygnet IP Law in 2011 after working for a large law firm in the DC area. In 2011, my wife and I moved our family back to Lakeland, Florida - my hometown and the place we met. From Lakeland, it has been my privilege to help clients from all over the US and in other countries. Cygnet has grown from a one person firm to a small, highly experienced and dedicated team focused on delivering excellent client service at affordable prices. Reserve your free consult today and let's talk about how we can help you.

I like to know who I am working with when I hire someone. You may feel the same way. You can get a better sense of my background and learn more about me and my qualifications here:

Meet Patent Attorney Steve Aycock

What we do...


We can help you understand the different types of patents and which one is best for your needs and individual situation. We handle utility patents, provisional patents, design patents, and international patents. We also do patent searches and provide analysis and support for infringement and litigation matters.

Learn more about patents...


We can help determine if your brand is one that doesn't conflict with others brands and we can help you get your brand registered as a federal or state trademark. A federally registered trademark can be very helpful for ecommerce brand protection such as Amazon's Brand Registry.

Learn more about trademarks...


Are you an artistic creator? Let us help you register and protect your valuable copyright rights in your artwork such as visual art, music, literature, photography, architecture, sculpture, movies and more.

Learn more about copyrights...

We take the time to learn about your idea and goals. We also take into consideration where you are in the journey of your creation and your resources. This lets us develop a protection plan that is custom tailored to your needs and budget. We are experts at helping start-ups and small businesses protect their IP on a budget. We understand the balance between limited budgets and the need for protecting a great idea.

You need a protection plan tailored for your budget and needs.

why we do it

We've been there.

Steve Aycock is the founder of Cygnet IP Law and patent attorney on our team. Steve began his professional life as a software engineer and helped develop advanced products in the defense, aerospace, and telecommunications industries. Steve is also a published author of numerous articles and books.


Waylon Baker, a technical specialist on our team, is an inventor with a patented musical instrument product on the market and several patents pending.

We know the challenges that creators face and the importance of protecting ideas. It is this perspective that sets Cygnet IP Law apart. We've been where you are.

Let us use our experience to help you protect your idea so you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

The SteelBridge string bender was invented and manufactured by Waylon Baker, a Technical Specialist at Cygnet IP Law. Waylon has sold the SteelBridge on Amazon and Reverb. We know the full cycle from idea to patent, and from prototype to finished product being sold and shipped. Call today and let us start helping you.

We truly enjoy helping our clients on their journey of developing a new idea into a product.

At Cygnet IP Law we have team members that began their careers as engineers, electronics technicians, and IT professionals. We truly enjoy learning about our clients' inventions and helping to protect those inventions. We find great joy and satisfaction seeing our clients achieve success with a new product, idea or brand. Let us help you protect your idea.

You'll see the Cygnet difference from the very first consultation. We have established a long track record of successfully protecting ideas. In fact, Cygnet celebrated 10 years in business in October 2021.


What some of our clients say...

B. Weldon

Bagger King

Excellent communication, guidance, service, price and support! Mr. Aycock is a real gentleman, a pleasure to work with, knows how best to work with the patent & trademark office and I highly recommend this Attorney.

Source: Google Reviews

T. Burke

The Tactical Games

Steve and his team have been responsive and professional throughout the initial 3 years of us starting The Tactical Games. They have assisted us in protecting our logos, names, and slogans. We look to Cygnet IP Law to be the experts when we have questions, and they haven't let us down!

Source: Google Reviews


Initial Consult - Free

We take the time to learn about your idea and plans. We answer any questions you may have and develop a plan to protect your idea using patents, trademarks, and/or copyrights. 

Preliminary Prior Art Search

Our in house searchers utilize global databases to search for any previously published patents or applications similar to your invention. Includes review of search results with patent attorney and recommendation based on search results.

Provisional Patent (or PPA)

Full provisional patent application (PPA) package including formal drawings, written description, placeholder claim, and all forms. We electronically file the application for you and send a confirmation with your Patent Pending number.

Learn more about Provisional Patents

Non-Provisional Patent

Full non-provisional application package including up to 20 formal drawings, written description, full claim set, all necessary forms completed by our staff. We also attend to filing your application electronically in the Patent Office and reporting confirmation of filing with your application number and Patent Pending status.

Design Patent Application

Includes up to 20 professional formal drawings, specification, claim and preparation of all necessary forms. We attend to electronically filing in the Patent Office and reporting your application number and Patent Pending status.

Learn more about design patents.

Non-provisional Conversion 

Full non-provisional application package including up to 20 formal drawings, written description, full claim set, all necessary forms completed by our staff. We also attend to filing your application electronically in the Patent Office and reporting confirmation of filing with your application number and Patent Pending status.

Trademark Application

Flat-fee trademark application preparation and filing with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Search 

Full search of US databases including federal and state. Review of results with attorney and recommendation about next steps.

Copyright Application 

Preparation and filing of copyright application with U.S. Copyright Office.

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