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Developing software takes a significant part of your time, money, and efforts, so keeping it protected should be your priority. Especially if it is a novel and non-obvious idea, getting a patent granted is a necessity.

But the patent registration process can be quite tricky and complex - which is why finding the right patent attorney is so vital.

Software Patent Attorney

Take All The Guesswork Out Of Your Patent Application

We focus on patenting mobile applications and software inventions at Cygnet IP Law. We help you enhance your project protection, drafting, and filling flawless patent applications.

Keeping up with everything new in the tech-savvy world, we have the expertise to create solid patent rights on your innovative concepts to help prevent copycats and build value for a profitable exit.

Avoid Common Costly Mistakes With A Patent Specialist’s Support

Face the complexity of the patent registration process with the help of an experienced professional who personally tackles every project.

Steve's experience spans a broad spectrum of fields in the legal and technological community. He has fulfilled patent applications for mobile apps, social media, machine learning software, and more for companies like Google, Avaya, and Columbia University.

Why Trust Cygnet IP Law With Your Software Patent Application?

Extensive Experience & In-Depth Knowledge

With over a decade of experience as a software engineer and 18 years of presence in the software patent law sector, our attorney has the technical understanding and legal sophistication to protect your ideas through patent applications.

Modern & Efficient Solutions

Thanks to his advanced techniques and high-performing methods, the patent attorney is uniquely positioned to complete successful patent registrations, acting in your company’s best interest.

Cost-Effective Services

Following a small firm flat-fee approach, we make everything possible to meet your budget criteria while offering exceptional quality services without extra or hidden costs.

Defining The Roadmap To Software Patent Success

Protect your concept’s key features and gain a competitive advantage with a patent attorney deeply rooted in software technologies.

Based In Florida, Serving Internationally

Cygnet IP Law is located in Florida, but we cater to our clients across the US and around the globe.

Well-Rounded IP Protection Plans

Besides the patent application, we can help you with copyright, trademarks, and trade secret issues.

Complete Software Protection

From the early stages of your concept till the final development details, we guarantee your software protection in every step of the process.

Kick-Start Your New Mobile App Or Software With Peace Of Mind

Work with a specialized patent attorney that knows the ins and outs of software patenting and can help you save time and money.

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