Software Patent Attorney

If your invention is a new software idea, a mobile app, or an algorithm, you need to have a software patent attorney – someone who specializes in preparing, filing, and prosecuting software patent applications – working on your case.

Is Software Patentable?

Yes. Software is patentable. It is a challenging area of patent law, but can be handled by someone with experience.

My Software Experience

As a software patent attorney, I have two kinds of software experience:

  • Software engineering experience
    • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering
    • 10 Years of Software engineering experience in areas such areas:
      • Embedded systems
      • Digital signal processing (DSP)
      • Communications systems – cellular telephone, mobile radios, telephone systems
      • Radar systems – ground based aircraft surveillance radar, airborne surveillance radar – AWACS
      • Weapon systems – Javelin missile, and artillery
      • Fire control – Apache helicopter targeting system
      • User interfaces
      • LIDAR
      • Microcontrollers
  • Software patenting experience
    • Years of work and training at large DC firms (2003-2011)
    • Law degree from top-20 law school and top 5 IP law program (GWU)
    • Mobile apps
    • Geolocation applications
    • User interface functionality and design
    • Social networks
    • Image processing (photo, video, etc.)
    • Videogames (multi-player online games)
    • Mobile phones

Software Patent Law Changes Frequently

The legal landscape for software patents changes frequently. You need a patent attorney that has up-to-date knowledge on the current state of software patent laws, rules and court decisions.

Because I prepare and file so many software applications, move them through the patent office process, and even occasionally handle appeals and patent litigation support, I stay up to date on the latest approaches and guidelines at the Patent Office.

My software patent clients range from individual inventors to some of the largest software and gaming companies in the world. For the large clients, I deal with in house patent attorneys from all over the world – I have to be on top of my game.

Some people will say you can’t patent software or algorithms. Don’t listen to them. I do this for a living and get software and algorithm patents allowed all the time.

So, if you have a software or app idea and would like to talk to a software patent lawyer, please use the button below to schedule an initial consult and we can discuss your needs, I can answer your questions, and we can come up with a plan for protecting your software invention.


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